Battles are fought in two ways

We all have to face and fight many battles in our lives. There are people who want the worst for us, those who want to control us, and manipulate us for their benefit. The enemy wants us to believe that we are worthless, that we don’t have anything great to offer to the world.

You know these type of people who are in your inner circle and who will go the extra mile to convince you that you don’t have it in you, those who always seem to kill your excitement for life, for your wants and goals. And there are those who instill fear and doubts in your mind. And then what happens, we tend to give the voices of these people a place in our minds, so much so that whenever we try to go for our dreams, we hear these discouraging voices in our heads and we give up again and again!

We need to battle them, not physically but by our behaviour and attitude so that we gain control of our own minds. We need to rid our minds from the negative effects of these people.

The defeats I have had resulted from others exploiting my own weaknesses: 


Getting angry quickly

Uncontrolled rage

Losing my calm


Trusting the wrong people

Not fighting or avoiding my own battles

Being irritated by what others do and by the slowness of system


Be calm and turn the frustrations into an inner resolve and work undercover.

Be calm in your outside appearance and aggravate the enemy

These battles are fought in two ways:

One is going all in, exposing your plans and strategy right from the start. The enemy may be astonished at the start but pretty soon, most of the times he (or she or they) will come up with a different plan to handle your new stance.

And the other method is not revealing your strategies, being conspicuous and strategising to gain place, little by little, playing by 80/20 rule, not fighting at their level, but always changing the battlefield to suit you, to a place where no one can defeat you.

Change the battlefield. Let me give you an example, If you work at an office and your speciality is making presentations or coding or anything else, you can change the interactions with these people to focus on your expertise, the enemy can’t beat you there!

When during any interaction, whether be at office, at a sports game, when you operate focussed on your strong points, your strengths, that’s when you give your mind the best chance to operate free from helplessness and discouragement. You got worth! When I fight from the center of my strong points, the enemy has got no foothold there!

You need to focus on your expertise, your strong points when you are dealing with your opponents, so that you don’t feel helpless and discouraged.

I have Jesus Christ, His unmerited favour is on me. the enemy wants me to think of myself as helpless, but I am not helpless. Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world. My enemies are nothing compared to Jesus Christ. He is my shield, and the lifter of my head.

Get your mental real estate back, think not on what the enemy wants you to think, but think on what God wants you to think. Though it is good to have advisors, but most of the time, those advisors have ulterior and hidden motives, and when any advisor or friend starts forcing you to do something which they want you to do so that you come in front of their battles. 

In a battlefield, you don’t want to be at the fiercest point when you are not willing to go there, especially if the battle is not yours. Others want you to be at the fiercest front of their battles. Don’t go there. Don’t get trapped in a situation that if good happens, it happens for others and if bad happens, it happens for you! 

Don’t get lost in perfection either, do it, keep on even if it is not perfect, E.g. for writing your book, don’t get trapped into discouragement fearing it is not perfect, or judging it mentally against some impossible type of standard. Kill the perfectionism cuckoo and keep writing. 

The knowledge you have is good enough, your worth is too much. Don’t degrade your self mentally by getting lost in perfectionism trying to improve perpetually without confidence in who you already are. Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from writing, putting your work out there, from speaking, from making presentations, from presenting your graphs, ideas etc before others.

The enemy would want you to believe that your counter attacks were useless, but in reality your attacks were very powerful. If he doesn’t care about your attacks, why then he does go the extra length in making you believe the worthlessness of your attacks, so that you give up on them! I would say, trust the Lord Jesus Christ and keep on attacking the enemy in the areas of your strengths.